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Courage Homecare

Courage Homecare is a worker-owned cooperative that provides compassionate, dependable homecare solutions to families in Los Angeles.

Clean Wash Mobile LLC

Clean Wash is mobile worker-owned car wash cooperative that specializes in services to fleets, biodegradable safe products, and reduced use of water.

The Tree Yoga Cooperative

The Tree Yoga Co-op is a yoga school, studio, and wellness hub in South Central L.A. designed to provide greater access to yoga & wellness spaces and resources for Black & Latinx communities around the world.


Zeal is a Black creative agency and social impact studio that provides artist development and cultural production support across the diaspora. Zeal is a worker-owned cooperative.

Proof Bakery Cooperative

Proof Bakery is a worker-owned cooperative dedicated to delivering seasonal creative food, using the highest quality of raw ingredients, where traditional handmade methods are an integral part of the finished product.

Maximum Fun

Maximum Fun is a pioneering podcast network, a home to dozens of shows, some of which we produce and some of which are produced independently. Our shows are about Comedy and Culture, and all of them try to put some good into the world.

Radiate Consulting L.A.

Radiate Consulting L.A. is an immigrant worker staffing cooperative that serves the organizing and community outreach campaigns of L.A. non-profits and other organizations.

Gundzik, Gundzik, and Heeger LLP

GGH is a law firm operating as a worker-owned cooperative. Our mission, through thoughtful and responsive lawyering, is to welcome, inspire, and sustain the vitality and rebellion of our clients.

Is Your Co-op Missing From Our List?

It is completely possible that we don’t know all the worker co-ops that have been popping up in Los Angeles — so if we missed yours, please forgive us, and drop us a line below.  Our main criteria are that your co-op is worker-owned, that it’s open for business, and it’s based in L.A.

Looking forward to the news!

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