The L.A. Co-op Lab is a collective that builds capacity for worker ownership in Los Angeles.

We host a variety of workshops and events where aspiring worker-owners can learn how to start and sustain a cooperative business, together. We are also members of a national peer network of co-op developers as well as a financial cooperative that is committed to building more distributed ownership and democracy in local economies.

Our aim is to advance worker-ownership as one way to push back against inequality, gentrification, and the gig economy by helping people who are often excluded from good jobs to collectively create their own and meet community needs.

Yuki Kidokoro

Yuki Kidokoro

Yuki is a National Organizer for the Climate Justice Alliance, a skilled conflict mediator and facilitator, and helped create a 45 unit affordable housing cooperative at the Los Angeles Eco-Village where she lives. She loves gardening, karaoke, board games, and thinking about community governance structures.

Celine Kuklowsky

Celine Kuklowsky

Céline is a researcher, organizer and activist who has spent the last decade working on social and economic justice campaigns. She has also worked as a policy advisor on urban sustainability issues in California and is passionate about building just, sustainable and local economies from the bottom up.

Karen Ochoa

Karen Ochoa works as a mentor and program coordinator for Antioch University's Bridge program, which provides free higher education to low-income students. She has an M.A. in Urban Sustainability and is passionate about building worker capacity in Los Angeles.

Gilda Haas

Gilda Haas

Gilda has led economic justice organizations, is a founder of the Right to the City Alliance, and has taught community economic development at UCLA for many years. She created the mobile coop lab to serve L.A.’s unique geography and is a local loan officer for the Financial Cooperative.

L.A. Co-op Lab Advisors

Our Advisors

Nancy Berlin

Nancy is a leader in the related projects of the Arroyo Sustainable Economies Organizing Project, the Time Bank, and the Community Revolving Loan Fund.

Alfredo Carlos

Alfredo teaches political science at California State University Long Beach and is the Executive Director of the Long Beach based Foundation for Economic Democracy.

Rudy Espinoza

Rudy is an urban planner with a passion for neighborhoods, entrepreneurism, and financial empowerment. He is presently the Executive Director of LURN in L.A.

Yuki Kidokoro

Yuki is our team's representative on the Advisory Board.

Ashley Ortiz

Ashley is a co-founder of the L.A. Co-op Lab. She lives in Oakland where she works for the Arizmendi Association of Cooperatives, offering support to member coops,